The Science Connecting Health & Emotions
Esther M. Sternberg, M.D.

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The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health & Emotions

The Science Connecting
Health and Emotions

by Esther M. Sternberg, M.D.
Publication date: May 8, 2000
W.H. Freeman & Co.
Hardcover ISBN 0-7167-3479-6

Paperback, Freeman/Holt
May 2001
ISBN 0-7167-4445-7

Dutch (2001)
Chinese (2002)
Japanese (2005)
Arabic (2006)

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Book Reviews

"A thrilling scientific detective story..."
Review by Redbook

"...Sternberg positions herself as a referee in the battle between mainstream medicine and alternative therapies...For Sternberg the convergence promised by the discovery of the scientific underpinnings of mind-body medicine points not so much to the prospect of determining which side was right as to new approaches to treatment in which patients are the winners."
"Back to Basics"
Reviewed by Gregory L. Mott of the Washington Post

"Mind, Meet Body"
Review by Gregg Easterbrook of

"Dr. Sternberg weaves historical perspective, recent lab results, academic rigor and popular appeal into an engrossing book."
Dallas Morning News

"one of the best books on emotions and health."

"[Of] interest are her reflections on the implications of this research for maintaining health and treating disease. ...Sternberg is optimistic about the idea of bridging disciplines to develop new treatments for disease."
Publishers Weekly"

Online Interviews with Dr. Sternberg

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Barnes & Interview with Esther Sternberg, Author of The Balance Within

" talks to Esther M. Sternberg M.D."

Other Articles

"Mind-Body Research Matures"
- June 11, 2001; The Scientist

Stress Suppresses Body's Defenses: Seniors (Especially) at Risk
- May 1, 2001; CBS HealthWatch

"Graying Hair: Is There a Way to Avoid It?" -- April 20, 2001; CBS HealthWatch

"Marriage Blues Can Be Hard on Heart" - April 2, 2001;

"The Stress Syndrome" - January 28, 2001;

"We're sick of being stressed out" - May 4, 2000; USA Today


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